Our History

Nightingale Home Care, Inc. was founded in 2003 and will celebrate its 10th Anniversary being in business in 2013.  Here’s a look back at our early beginnings and how one nurse’s dream became a reality.

In early 2003, a Registered Nurse by the name of Joseph Li had some ideas.  At the time, he was a co-owner of a home health care but did not agree with how it was being run.

Joseph had a vision for a home health care run by nurses, not businessmen.  As a medical professional since 1992, he has always been passionate about helping patients on their journeys to recovery and healing.  Nightingale Home Care’s logo is inspired by precisely that (read more about our logo here).  As a nurse, he treated every patient in a loving and caring manner, almost as though s/he is his parent, sibling, relative, or close friend.  As a home health administrator for over a decade, he also wanted to create a workplace where every employee would feel appreciated, respected, and most important of all, happy.  To Joseph, the latter is one of the most important aspects of any job.  People may take it for granted, but what drives him to continue doing what he does every day is his passion and his love for helping people.  Put quite simply, he loves what he does and it is his hope that his employees feel the same way.  He knew that he had to create a home health care on his own to achieve these goals.  He could not find any other agency that had a vision like his.

Inspired by the life and accomplishments of the nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale, Joseph decided to name his home health care after her.  Read more about how she inspired our organization by clicking here.

In September of 2003, he rented a small, 500 sq. ft. office in Miramar with just 1 of everything: 1 Physical Therapist, 1 Speech Therapist, 1 Occupational Therapist, 1 Medical Social Worker, 1 Home Health Aide, 1 computer, 1 desk, 1 fax line, and 1 phone line.  Joseph had to take on multiple roles simultaneously, such as the Director of Nursing, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, on-call RN, and receptionist, to name a few.  His wife, Landi, supported him by filling any other miscellaneous roles.  Today, she acts as Nightingale Home Care’s Director of Operations.

Twenty-eight months later in October of 2005, Nightingale Home Care, Inc. earned official certification from Medicare and moved to a 900 sq. ft. location in San Diego.

Since 2003, Nightingale Home Care, Inc. has served over 5,000 San Diegans and employs over 50 field and office staff.  We are now occupying an 1800 sq. ft. office in La Mesa.

Today, Nightingale Home Care, Inc. is still owned, managed, and operated by the same Registered Nurse (RN) who founded it, Joseph Li.  With his patients always at the forefront of every decision he makes, rest assured that your care is in the right hands.

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